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ITA Energetic Self Care Program

  • A Voice Above 112 South Country Road, Suite 102 Bellport, NY, 11713 United States (map)
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Saturdays, April 7th, and 14th - 9:30am - 12:30pm

Location: Bellport, NY - A Voice Above

112 S. Country Road, Suite 102, Bellport, NY 11713

The Integrated Therapeutic Alignment (ITA) Energetic Self Care program is a two week course - running for 3 hours per session and offers simple, powerful techniques to help you:

  • Clear residual stress from the body
  • Build your reserves of energy
  • Locate and hold your natural energetic center
  • Release limiting emotional responses to stress
  • Carry Love and compassion in all interactions
  • Create space for the welfare of the self as well as others in all exchanges
  • To give at a high level without losing the self

The role of care giver is one that is often chosen for us, however at a deeper level it also draws on our innate virtues of humility, generosity, compassion and love.

The ITA Energetic Self Care program has been created as a way of giving back to anyone choosing to live through these virtues.

Melaney Ryan of The Australian StillPoint Institute has developed this simple system through knowledge and wisdom gained in over 30 years of clinical and personal practice in energy understanding.

The Energetic Self Care techniques can transform your day to day experience into a mindful practice, allowing you to continue giving at a high level without losing yourself or becoming overly depleted.

On completing the program you will be equipped with simple exercises to work into your day with ease. Each exercise can be practiced on it’s own as you need it, or joined together into a fluid 10-15 minute sequence. The sequence includes breath work, simple movement techniques, techniques to monitor negative thoughts and control emotions

Once you know how to build, regenerate and transform energy through mindfulness, the effects can be felt at a deep level by everyone you are connected to. 


C.A. Bayshore, NY:  "I am grateful I had the time and opportunity to take the ITA energetic self care mini course with Christine. She is a true teacher - very caring and down to earth - and can explain concepts/techniques in a simple, easy/ready to use way. It was just the right amount of information. I have some background in energy work, but did not find this class information redundant. However, any novices to energy work would not feel overwhelmed. Also, she gave us a format - which streamlined the information so I can use it as a daily routine. I have found I am experiencing the positive affects from this simple morning routine. This class emphasized taking care of our own needs - which must come first if we are truly able to help others. Anyone would benefit from taking this class."

M.P. Babylon: "I want to thank you for running the ITA Energetic Self Care was a true learning experience. Your gentleness, passion, and love for your craft is extended to your amazing that the three of us came together to share in this wonderful adventure!"

M.I. Babylon: "Not only am I much better at effectively dealing with my stress level and negative thoughts and emotions; my special needs daughter is benefiting from my practice as well!  When my daughter is feeling frustrated and having difficulty managing, I practice the exercises I learned in this class in her presence and she often becomes more calm, her speech slows down and we are able to communicate more effectively!!  On the occasions when her behavior doesn’t change, I am much more centered and able to assist her from a much stronger place!  What a beautiful demonstration of how helping ourselves helps us to be much more capable of helping others!"