Integrated Therapeutic Alignment

Energy Medicine

ITA (Integrated Therapeutic Alignment) is a comprehensive system of energy medicine developed by Melaney Ryan, a fourth generation energy worker with more than 30 years of clinical experience. She is an internationally recognized therapist and teacher and the founder of the Melaney Ryan Institute of Applied Consciousness (formally Australian Stillpoint Institute and Wellness Center).

ITA uses sequenced patterns of energy movement which sends messages to the subconscious mind (long-term memory), enabling the mind to question outdated conditioning, belief systems and core imprints that prevent individuals from moving forward in life.

By activating and directing energy in a specific sequence we are able to allow a space to emerge between the physical body and the mind, activating the potential for change.

ITA recognizes the following:

  • The physical and energetic body is made up of a number of interconnected systems - spinal reflex points, meridians, chakras, muscles, vital organs, endocrine system, nervous system, areas of the brain and general anatomy.

  • One symptom or issue may be the result of misalignment across numerous systems within the body. Misalignment maybe the result of thought patterns formed by belief systems, behavioral conditioning and/or trauma.

  • All systems within the body need to be worked with to restore a natural balance and improve health and wellbeing.


ITA treatments aim to:

  • Identify any blocks within all the systems. Blocks can be as a result of thought patterns formed by belief systems, behavioural conditions and/or trauma. These blocks create a dripper system creating physical and emotional symptoms.

  • Uncover the root cause of an issue in a client's life. This helps a client understand what is stored in their systems and, if worked with properly, will alleviate the issue from recurring at a later date.

  • Restore balance through energy alignments.

What results can I expect from an

ITA treatment?

  • Move beyond recurring and chronic health issues.

  • Feel unburdened by life’s tests and challenges and see them as opportunities for growth.

  • Personal empowerment, stimulation of creativity, a greater understanding of the purpose of life, and an re-awakening to your connection with your higher self.

  • Gain clarity in life and take back control of your mind and health.

  • Learn to see life from the POSITIVE rather than focusing on the negative.

  • Feel energized, inspired and motivated by life itself.

  • Experience long lasting states of relaxation & calmness.