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Hi there! I'm Christine Lomangino. I live in Patchogue, NY where I established my energy healing practice in 2007. 

After years in the corporate world, I heard the call to embrace a life of passion and embrace a career that truly makes my heart sing. As a result of following that path I earned my Masters Degree in Music Therapy and began studying and gained certifications in various alternative energy healing techniques.

When I discovered Integrated Therapeutic Alignment (ITA), developed by Melaney Ryan, founder of ITA Energy Medicine, Mahat Meditation and the Melaney Ryan Institute of Applied Consciousness, I was in immediate awe of this technique. ITA Energy Medicine provides you with an integrated understanding of the human energy systems and a working knowledge of how these systems connect and interact with the physical body, the mind and the greater universe. It lends itself to vibrant wellness on all levels. 

I am humbled and honored to be one of the founding ITA practitioners in the USA. I have successfully completed ITA training directly with Melaney Ryan in ITA Energy Medicine Tiers 1, 2 and 3 and all of the elective modules available since my study began. In addition, I am one of the first group of international students to have completed the ITA Certification course and am working to complete the necessary case studies to earn the title of Certified ITA Practitioner.

One of my greatest joys is being a licensed facilitator for the Melaney Ryan Institute of Applied consciousness. Assisting like minded individuals in the understanding of energy, consciousness and meditation through the facilitation of ITA Tier 1, ITA Learn to Meditate, ITA Energetic Self Care and ITA Movement has given me the opportunity to connect with so many wonderful souls and assisted me in my growth in so many ways. My deepest gratitude to Melaney Ryan and all of the people who have shared this journey with me through sitting these classes with me.

I am humbled to be of divine service to others and to facilitate and witness my clients’ journey and commitment towards balance and wellness.