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Unifying the Minds Long Island - Special Event

  • A Voice Above 112 South Country Road, Suite 102 Bellport, NY, 11713 United States (map)

With Guest Presenter Melaney Ryan, Founder | Director of  Australian Stillpoint Institute

When: Tuesday, May 1 from 7pm - 9pm

Where: A Voice Above

112 S. Country Rd, Suite 102, Bellport, NY 11713

Class will run for a minimum of 10 students

Students will receive a digital course manual before the course to print in advance

Unifying The Minds – we have two brains and six minds, how can we make the most of them?

Melaney Ryan has been sharing her knowledge and experience of the minds and activation of higher intelligence within the human systems since 2007.

People are rapidly awakening to the reality that we are accessing a very limited range of our potential intelligence. The mainstream belief is that our physical brain coordinates all of our mental, emotional and physical functions and stores our memories, beliefs and conditioning patterns.

Melaney’s experience has shown her that we carry another intelligence system that holds our potential for accurate perception, infinite love and higher wisdom.

Melaney refers to this system as the heart brain.

Alignment of the heart brain brings the higher senses into being, transforms us at a genetic and cellular level and enables us to transcend our current perception of time and space.

The physical brain draws on three minds:

  • Conscious Mind (present moment)

  • Subconscious Mind (long term memory)

  • Unconscious Mind (intuitive/higher self)

The heart brain also draws on three minds:

  • Will (correct action)

  • Love (supreme truth)

  • Wisdom (I AM That I AM)

How conscious we are in our life experience, how open we are to the unconscious mind and how aligned we are with the heart brain effects our personal frequency. It is our personal frequency that determines what we experience in our daily lives within the holographic image.

Aligning and integrating the physical brain and the heart brain gives us access to our full intellectual capability enabling direct, open communication with the collective unconscious.


Melaney Ryan is a fourth generation energy worker with over 30 years of clinical experience as an energy therapist. She is the founder of the Australian StillPoint Institute and developer of Integrated Therapeutic Alignment (ITA) and Mahat Meditation.

Melaneys intuitive knowledge of how to work with subtle energies was nurtured from an early age by her grandmother and great grandmother. Her great grandmother was an extraordinarily gifted energy worker from the Canary Islands renowned for treating a wide range of difficult ailments.

Building on her family lineage of skills and gifts, through training with Great Masters and working with thousands of clients, Melaney has been able to decode the processes of our integrated energy systems. 

Through this understanding Melaney developed ITA, a form of energy medicine that offers a unique perspective on the understanding of energy and the makeup of consciousness. By developing ITA into a training system, Melaney is able to share her knowledge and experience with other practitioners and with anyone on a path of self development.