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Mahat Meditation Level 1 - Special Event

With Guest Presenter Melaney Ryan, Founder | Director of  Australian Stillpoint Institute

When: Saturday, August 12 from 10am-5pm and Sunday, August 13 from 10am-5pm

Where: The Clubhouse at Water's Edge, Patchogue, NY

What is Mahat Meditation?

Mahatma is a Sanskrit word meaning great one or great soul. Mahat Meditation, founded by Melaney Ryan, is an active meditation practice that builds inner force and accelerates our personal evolution. Rather than simply emptying the mind or visualising tranquil imagery, we are utilising chi to activate the chakras in a specific sequence while integrating colour and sound.

Mahat Meditation assists the meditator in the monitoring of thoughts and finding stillness during meditation. There are two common styles of meditation, one pointed meditation and stillness meditation. These techniques can be difficult for many, as the thoughts of the meditator repeatedly get in the way of their practice.

The active nature of Mahat Meditation results in the mind of the meditator staying focused and engaged. During the meditation sequence there are stillness and integration points which allow the meditator to experience a deep sense of inner stillness.

The mantra that is played during the Mahat sequence is the sacred sound HUM. OM is the door to knowledge HUM is the realisation of this knowledge in life through action.

Mahat meditation takes us on an inner journey that leads to the rediscovery of our greatness. By practising Mahat Meditation you activate the Mahatma energy.

A regular meditation practice will bring clarity to the higher senses and an improved sense of well-being. A regular Mahat meditation practice brings added benefits, such as unification of the chakras, activation of the central core and building of inner force, leading to:

·         Inner balance

·         Harmony

·         Grounding

·         Awareness

·         Wisdom

·         Clarity

·         Certainty

·         Magnetism

·         Prosperity

Mahat meditation is a non-denominational practice and doesn’t align with any specific religion or deity. Mahat meditation honours our connection to the earth and source. The intent is always placed that the energy generated during the meditation is given back to the earth.

A single Mahat meditation sequence runs for approximately 25 minutes. The sequence can be practised in a chair, lying down or in a seated meditation position. Mahat meditation is suited to any lifestyle, and is suitable for experienced meditators and beginners alike.

Please click below to read testimonials from Mahat Students from all over the world and to visit the Stillpoint Institute website!

Melaney Ryan is a fourth generation energy worker with over 30 years of clinical experience as an energy therapist. She is the founder of the Australian StillPoint Institute and developer of Integrated Therapeutic Alignment (ITA) and Mahat Meditation.

Melaney has dedicated her life to assisting as many people as possible toward the realization of their greatness. She is certain that the practice of Mahat Meditation is an effective path for people wishing to realize this inherent greatness for themselves.

Melaney has now chosen to dedicate herself to the anchoring of the Mahatma energy through the shared practice of Mahat meditation.